The Quotes We Love

"Whoever pays for food on our table we may just believe after all. If we do not believe their lies we may just follow their ideology for the sake of food they put on our table." EK

​"True love is the ONLY THRUTH one ever needs." EK

​"Love is born out of love". EK

"Love is limitless unlike our capacity to understand it." EK

​"I noticed that passive love is the most common type of love. Loving someone as an object of art while failing to notice their feelings, desires, pains and joys seems far away from true love - active love." EK

"I cannot absorb every pain that I see and hear, just like I cannot absorb all the happiness that happens at all times." EK

"Often times I see instances where there is not a need but people still insist on creating a desire, no matter what it takes. To create a desire just for the sake of some calculated interest groups seems absurd." EK

​"There are no longer classes in our world, just the haves and the ones who want to have." EK

"Let's celebrate the poor rather than the rich and allow poverty to be overcome by eradication of poverty but not the poverty that comes first to mind but that of the mind and the soul." EK

​"If every religion claims to be the only truth then how is one to choose the right one?" EK

​"Healthy foundation cannot be built on shaky grounds of lies and deceit." EK

​"There is a subtle way of rebelling; not every rebellion is marked by bloodshed and loud voices." EK

​"I can wish a person all the best without liking her or him." EK

​"Wealth is like weight, some have too much of it while others have too little of it. And most of the time we tend to value people based on the weight of their wealth." EK

​"Everything is a process of realization unless realization just happens skipping the process." EK

 "Death is no more mysterious than life is." EK

​"Mortality is not what intrigues me, but our brief love affair with life." EK

​"Love is limitless unlike our capacity to understand it." EK

​"When it comes to love, I noticed that people tend to love in the same manner and the only thing that changes is the subject of their love and not the way they love." EK

​"Every day is a long day but life is still too short." EK

​"Before you try to change the world, try to change yourself." EK

​"If you ask me if devil exists, I shall ask you what are addictions, wars, torture and brutality? Are they not a devil? The form is not important, the deeds and actions are." EK

​"People are not intrinsically bad but they certainly do bad things." EK

​"I work at night but I am not a whore. I only sell my mind." EK

"I love what I do not know more than what I know." EK

​"Neither I am here nor I am there, so I may be a proof of parallel worlds." EK

​"Future does not concern me because I am still trying to figure out the present." EK

"Love freely as if a life is a battlefield and time with a lover your last chance to love." EK

​"Sounds come to my ears but most I cannot figure out. They make me deaf." EK

​"Whisper the truth if you cannot shout it." EK

​"Don't abuse your vessel while it is still at Sea. Let it sail fearless and free until the end." EK

​"Swim in the ocean if you want to know what really matters besides water. Look at the sky if you think you are too important. God is not up but in the ocean as much as in your minuscule self." EK 

"When someone tells you what to do, remember they wish they could do it but they send you to do it instead." EK

"Find a true path by asking yourself what is it you would want to do if you never had to worry about primary needs." EK

"No one is fat. No one is ugly. No one is stupid. You are limited if you ever thought  any of these." EK

"Limitations are as much inside as they are outside. The outside ones imprison you less than the inside ones." Ek

"If you want to show someone love, do not talk about it. Show it." EK

"Love brings ones closer to God. If does not then it was not true love." EK

"Sign only when you believe God is watching." EK

"Honey is never sweeter than the words of love." EK

"Depression is like standing on an isolated island in a middle of a lush tropical paradise and you do not care about the paradise part." EK

"Music is only what will be loved for more than a century." EK

"True beauty in the world is never loved today but tomorrow." EK

​"Pain is nothing more than a mechanism to contrast pleasure." EK

"Nature is never as free as the human mind." EK