Our Custom Made Cards

Cards with content made just for you....inspire and be inspired!
I believe there is an emerging desire for personally tailored greeting cards. When it comes to making beautiful statements and expressing ourselves in your greeting card  would you not opt for a quality content rather than just another mass produced card?  I am all for modernity and technology but there are some things that can be combined well with a warm and creative human touch without giving up mass produced trends.  Greeting cards are like wine for your soul. Wine should only be savored for its texture and aroma and it should never be served in plastic glasses. Food should never ever be fast. Spending time with friends and partners should not involve looking at our phones, tablets and TV screens. The content of your greeting cards should be more than generic cards with replicated words and designs. If that is your overall outlook on life then I believe you would appreciate uniquely tailored content of each card you choose to give.


A beautifully composed poem or lyrics card is truely  a special gift for someone or an event and if you lack inspiration for some magical word.  I create with great passion very unique cards for that special person/s you want to keep in your life  to feel cherished and celebrated or to invite them in your life with words written just for them.